Shawn D.

We were really at a crossroads with our home. We LOVED the location and golf course lot, but there was no question we wanted more space. We were either going to renovate and expand, or move to a different home. Arthur Gambino really took the time to listen to our wants and needs. During the process we determined there were a few “must haves” – a larger garage, a user friendly mudroom/laundry room, more bathrooms to accommodate the growing family and visitors, a private office, and an entertainment room that would highlight our backyard and provide a separate space from our main living room. With our list and Arthur’s vision, he helped to create a beautifully designed space that suits our family perfectly. Kathy Molnar guided us in selecting all of the tiles, granites, lighting, and finishes that completed the vision. We would have been lost without her guidance. Pete Limon was a huge asset in keeping the project moving along and guiding us with daily decisions.

Living in the home we were renovating with a toddler, husband, pregnant wife, and an active dog had some challenges, but the RWR was outstanding. Peter Limon and Jack Plemons did everything possible to accommodate our day-to-day life, and made the experience as seamless as possible. Even with the extensive project we had, we were never without running water, laundry, and toilet facilities. Our timeline was met with only small finishes needing to be completed a week or two later. We did exceed our budget, but that was mainly due to the finishes and upgrades we chose to do after the fact.

We are thrilled with our end result. Now that it is complete, we cannot imagine not having done the addition and renovation. We use every part of our house every day.

We have and will continue to recommend RWR to many.

Jim Weisman (715 Posts)

Jim Weisman founded RW Remodeling in 2011 after co-founding Republic West in 1995. Jim’s strong belief in the importance of ethical standards, honest communication and quality work make RW Remodeling a unique home remodeling company. For more than 19 years, Jim Weisman and his team have been proudly delivering what their customers want; their dream home.