Nancy Huepenbecker

We’ve lived in our home for a few years and while we always suspected we’d want to remodel eventually, we wanted to take some time to “feel out” the space. We did do some remodeling in the exterior of the home but earlier this year, we decided it was time to work on the interior as well. We were working with a home stager named Connie, from Staged by Sunday, who had some ideas on what we should do with our kitchen. She ended up recommending that we get in touch with Arthur Gambino, a spatial designer from Republic West Remodeling. Our initial meeting with Arthur was great. He had some great ideas and we really appreciated his perspective and his honest opinion on things. He stood by his opinions and let us know if agreed with our opinions on design or not. When we came up with ideas that would not have worked well with the new design, he let us know, which we appreciated. For example, we were told in the past that our patio doors could not be made higher and Arthur recommended that not only could it be done, but highly suggested we make the change. We trusted his judgment and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. That said, he was certainly willing to listen to our opinions and he was always ready to provide us with new ideas throughout the evolution of the design. Overall, Arthur encouraged an inclusive and collaborative relationship throughout the design experience which we really enjoyed. We really felt like we were part of a team effort. We’ve worked with remodeling companies in the past but never had someone who would sit down with us for three hours at a time to review all of our options in regards to design, budget, etc. Past companies were not nearly as flexible/amenable as Republic West – the former companies would often present an idea and basically say “take it or leave it”. All of the Republic West Remodeling team members were a pleasure to deal with. Our interior decorator, Kathy, was great. We originally had no idea what to do about our floor but she was able to tell us that it’s such a big floor and we should do something really big, cool, and bold. She gave us several flooring options and we really valued her professional advice. She also came up with a really neat stair design to help it feel less steep/abrupt and we even added some really intricate tile-work to the stairs. Kathy also got us great discounts and appliances. She was truly an indispensable team member wand saved us an incredible amount of time and energy. Another thing we appreciated was their commitment to their original schedule and the level of communication and involvement they provided during the remodel. The overall process from demo to finish took a little longer than we had thought it would (prior to meeting with RWR) but they were completely reliable and committed to their proposed schedule. We were out of town during the remodel but we were constantly updated with any changes from a team member, Greg. He would even FaceTime us while we were traveling and literally walk us through any new updates. The one time we did get behind schedule is because he wanted to wait to use certain team members with a specific expertise to lay the floor because of the unique pattern. The team was also very neat and organized and respected our home. They asked if they could use the garage the store things and they cleaned up after themselves daily and even brought their own dumpster. I had to come home briefly and they created a nice neat path for me to get to my room during the construction period. Overall, the process was great! We are very satisfied with our experience. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Everyone who has seen the before pictures of our home thinks the finished product is absolutely phenomenal!

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