Karl K.

I first discovered Repblic West Remodeling from a home magazine and decided to check out the website and was very impressed with it. I set an appointment with the designer, Arthur Gambino and was, again, very impressed. Everything was spelled out and directly expressed through the blueprints and the computer rendering which were presented wonderfully.

After reviewing the design work, I decided to proceed with the project. During the remodel, my home became a fairly disruptive job site – I even referred to it as the “dust cave” but this was expected going in. Thankfully, that period didn’t last too long and the demolition and reconstruction was done very quickly. The scope of the project was pretty large. I initially had 5 individual rooms which were all transformed into an open living space. There was a ton of tile being laid down and all of the surfaces were redone.

I worked with Kathy, the interior designer, who was extremely helpful when helping me pick all of the surfaces, colors, backsplashes, etc. Kathy made the selection process very simple and helped me understand what looked good, such as deciding between a single or double sink. I was also able to make changes along the way based on my preferences, such as slight change made to the kitchen island.

5 years later, I decided to give RW a call for another remodeling project. The same designer, Arthur, came back a few days ago, and said, “wow you must get a lot of compliments on this” which is true! I look forward to working with the team again. I have referred friends and neighbors to RW and I encourage anyone looking for a remodel to consider them. Everything was done in a very proffessional and timely fashion and completely met my expectations.

Jim Weisman (715 Posts)

Jim Weisman founded RW Remodeling in 2011 after co-founding Republic West in 1995. Jim’s strong belief in the importance of ethical standards, honest communication and quality work make RW Remodeling a unique home remodeling company. For more than 19 years, Jim Weisman and his team have been proudly delivering what their customers want; their dream home.