Don & Maxine

To all the wonderful people who participated in our home renovation – we wish to express our sincerest thanks.

It was long, tedious and tiring but the workers of RWR usually made it “less eventful” by their assurance and ability – always solving the problem that came up.

I can’t say enough about Kathy who took many phone calls from me and answered all concerns with the patience of Job.

Byron, our project manager, took the occasional “heat” of my anger and handled it with extreme tolerance, respect and understanding. My admiration grew the longer we worked together. He deserves the medal of honor!

Dan, Oscar and Steve will truly be missed. Their work ethics and knowledge are fabulous! They too respected our home and my expectations and even maintained a sense of humor. I sometimes felt entertained while they performed their duties.

The sub-contractors, Phil, Cameron, Carlos, Jay, Enaj and Slofo are the best and performed amazing work.

We are truly enjoying our “new look” rooms.