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We moved into our 1996 single story home in late 2012. We originally moved from a 4100 square foot home with a full basement and a 3 and half car garage into this new 2500 square foot home with a 3 car garage, so we definitely wanted to utilize every square foot of the home to make use of the space the best we could. We made the decision to start making some changes to the home in 2015. Our close friends in Phoenix had recently completed a project with Republic West Remodeling and recommended them to us. We have always trusted their judgment but we were completely convinced on using RWR after seeing their finished product.

Our first project to take on was our master bathroom – an old 90s style bathroom with a standalone shower and a soffet that ran around the whole ceiling which
made the ceiling come down and really made the space feel small. Arthur Gambino, the designer who came out to our home, came out to give us a feel of what we could
do with the space. Arthur said there was no reason to have the soffets and that we should raise it to the 9 foot ceiling to not close in the space. There was a lot more we were able to accomplish such as replacing the carpet with tile, putting in a bigger shower, and removing the bath tub. We also put in a cosmetic station with an appliance garage to store appliances such as curling iron, beauty products, etc. We also put in nice self-closing cabinet doors and drawers which we love.
Ultimately, we were extremely happy with project from start to finish. The contractors were there on time, we got a set schedule provided to us that told us who was going to come out and what they were going to accomplish. 95% of the time everything was exactly consistent to the original schedule but if an issue was to arise, they would be able to resolve it quickly and smoothly. We also loved our interior designer, Kathy, who helped us pick the granite, the sinks,
the shower fixtures, etc. Overall we felt very comfortable working with her and the rest of the team.
Since that project went so well, that propelled us into working on our big remodeling project. Arthur came back and sat down with us to ask what we envisioned. We gave him a rough idea and he added some of his own concept – we explained that making the most of the space and using storage space was one of our biggest issues and we definitely wanted that addressed.
We were able to look at him and see the wheels turning as he explained to us his vision. Arthur is very good at what he does as far as painting a picture to help us understand our vision. He was then able to translate all of that into a concrete computer rendering to present to us. After seeing it, we said “Wow we can really do that in this space?!” We loved what we saw so we decided to proceed. It started with a handshake and that was it!

It’s one thing to talk about and look at the computer rendering but once everyone has performed their magic, it’s just amazing. Kathy is a dream to work with –
she is so patient and she juggles so much – I don’t know how she handles it all but she does. = She helped me pick out our porcelain floor that everyone mistakes for real wood with the variance in color and plank size and everyone just loves it.
Everything flows together so nicely and so organically with the color scheme –
the brown in the countertops bring out the floors while the lighter colors in the floors bring
out the countertops. There is a great balance between warm cool colors throughout the room.
Republic West also has its share of aritisans – they were all so professional and friendly and polite and considerate of my concerns. RWR consistently went above and beyond – Arthur said they don’t want me to be anxious about anything! We were concerned about about moving our furniture but they took care of everything. One of his most common phrases was “dont you worry!” Republic West always came to the rescue.
We couldn’t be happier with the remodeling process and the finished product. We’re used to a more traditional style home coming from the Midwest so we did a complete 180 with the modern design and we couldn’t be happier with it. Our daughter came over for Christmas and said “Oh my gosh, this is a totally different house!” which was ultimately our goal! There were originally a lot of arches and south-western influences that we wanted taken out and replaced with more modern design and lines. My daughter saw all the new modern elements of our light fixtures and said “Way to go!”.
You get what you pay for and we got exactly that and more! They went over and beyond what most firms “have to do” – they always made it a priority to take care of our smallest needs. It was the small details that ultimately made the largest impact for us – that’s what I love about RWR. We would highly recommend Republic West for large or small remodeling projects.

Jim Weisman (715 Posts)

Jim Weisman founded RW Remodeling in 2011 after co-founding Republic West in 1995. Jim’s strong belief in the importance of ethical standards, honest communication and quality work make RW Remodeling a unique home remodeling company. For more than 19 years, Jim Weisman and his team have been proudly delivering what their customers want; their dream home.