Barbara C.

We are half-way through the renovation of all three bathrooms in our home. The first two are now finished and work on the Master bath is currently underway. We could not be more pleased with the outcome so far. From the beginning Republic West Remodeling staff has been professional, informative and responsive with the workmanship being of the highest quality.

We began with Steve Yeomans who listened to our wants/needs and went beyond our expectations with design plans. He made several suggestions that made better use of our current space without major overhalls to the floorplan. We then met with Ken Guest & Aaron Weisman who did a line item walk-through of the scope of work for each bathroom which elimated any guess work once the project began. The level of detail is amazing and prevents major issues popping up mid-project.

Republic West Remodeling provides an interior designer, Kathy Molnar, who shopped with us and guided us as we picked out fixtures, granite and tile for each space. She picked up on our style preferences right away and made what could have been a very daunting process fun and efficient. She provided input when asked but encouraged us to choose items that we connected with, making sure each piece worked together to provide the overall design style we wanted.

Aaron Weisman is our project manager and has been absolutely fantastic. We are provided daily updates, he answers our many questions and has ensured the overall project has remained on schedule. The entire process has been highly organized with clear project timelines but when things seem like they are going a little off schedule, Aaron somehow gets it all done and makes sure we don’t lose any time.

Most importantly, Republic West Remodeling has taken great care of our home and dogs throughout this remodel. There has never been a time when I am concerned about who is in our house and at the end of each day our home is clean and secure while our dogs are kept safe and as stress-free as they can be in a construction environment. We receive reports on how the dogs are doing when asked which has provided great piece of mind.

I highly recommend Republic West Remodeling for any home project and would most certainly use them again.

Jim Weisman (715 Posts)

Jim Weisman founded RW Remodeling in 2011 after co-founding Republic West in 1995. Jim’s strong belief in the importance of ethical standards, honest communication and quality work make RW Remodeling a unique home remodeling company. For more than 19 years, Jim Weisman and his team have been proudly delivering what their customers want; their dream home.