McCormick Ranch Home Remodel

When Coleen and Tom first came to Arizona years ago, they instantly fell in love with the beauty and the amenities of the state. Having family and friends here provided an extra layer of attachment to the valley, but they weren’t yet willing to move here full time.

As the years passed, the couple decided to purchase a vacation home in McCormick Ranch that they could visit. They loved the home, but felt like it was slightly outdated for their needs. After years of renting out the home, they finally made the plunge to make it their full time residence. But, before they could truly feel at home, they knew they needed to update the residence to ensure that they would love coming home each day.

After speaking with neighbors about remodeling projects they had completed, they were referred to Republic West Remodeling. Wanting to start small, Coleen and Tom decided to start with just updating the cabinets in the kitchen to see the quality of the work that Republic West Remodeling was able to provide. After meeting with their project manager and designers, the couple decided expand the project to not only update their kitchen, but the living room, master bedroom and guest bedroom as well. From collaborating with the designers, to picking out the exact details of the home with Kathy, Coleen and Tom began to see their dream home become a reality.

During construction, the couple did not move out of the home, but rearranged their lives to continue living in the space. Although challenging at times, Coleen and Tom said that it was helpful to continue seeing the projects develop and be there to provide guidance or answers to questions on the site.

At the end of their project, Coleen and Tom are thrilled with the final results. When asked about their experience, the couple said “This was a learning experience, but we are so happy with the results. Republic West Remodeling stayed on a timeline, budget and met all of our needs in making our vision come to life. We have even referred other neighbors to them for their remodeling needs.”

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