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Customer’s Bill of Rights

Customer’s Bill of Rights

The remodeling Customer’s Bill of Rights was created for homeowners who have come to expect the nightmare project that is so prevalent in the remodeling industry.

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At Republic West Remodeling, we’re deeply proud of the more than 17,000 home remodeling projects we’ve completed since 1995 – kitchen and bath remodels, whole home remodels, room additions, and outdoor living spaces – projects that have added value and function to our clients’ homes.


Small Bathroom Remodeling

No matter what size your bathroom is, Republic West Remodeling is committed to providing a great experience to you throughout the entire bathroom remodeling process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction.

If you’re considering transforming a small bath into a room that is both practical and visually pleasing, our team of bathroom remodeling contractors has ideas to design spaces that – although may be short on space – they are big on style.

Practical Matters in Small Bathrooms

Whether your small bathroom is a half-bath containing just a toilet and sink, a three-quarter bath that includes a shower or tub, or a full bath with both a standing shower and a tub, the first step in a successful small bathroom remodeling project is to assess the overall space.

Unless you are planning major demolition and new construction, the placement of the existing plumbing fixtures will determine the layout of your new bathroom.

Keep in mind: storage space is always at a premium when it comes to small bathroom remodeling. As a result, open or built-in shelving, for example, can help lighten a small bath’s look, versus a solid bank of drawers. And hanging cabinets can free up floor space.

Bathroom Remodeling Republic West Remodeling Phoenix

Embrace Your Small Space

Once you’ve addressed the necessities of function, our bathroom remodeling professionals will next help you explore the nuances of form. At Republic West Remodeling, we believe that smart small bathroom remodeling strives to make even the tiniest of bathrooms look and feel larger, while embracing personality and flair.

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Don’t let your small bathroom limit your dreams or creativity. There have been plenty of homeowners and designers who have done amazing transformations with spaces most people would consider a small bathroom.

Contact Republic West Remodeling to handle any of your small bathroom remodeling needs. We have been honing our process for more than 18 years in business in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. We provide full residential remodeling services using the best products on the market, and we would be happy to design and install a small bathroom that can maximize the beauty and value of your home.

Have a question? Ready to take the next step? Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our bathroom remodeling contractors today.



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