Kitchen Remodeling by Republic West Remodeling

Fabulous and Functional Kitchen Space for Everyday Use

The kitchen is your hub for everything. Let’s make it work for you.

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At Republic West Remodeling, we specialize in family-functional kitchens. We create spaces that work for everyday living and entertaining.


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Hidden Help

Secret compartments to make cooking, storing, and cleaning easier year-round

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Spacious Countertops

Add luxury and space for an entire buffet

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Under-Cabinet Lighting

Crucial task lighting for chopping veggies for dinner and following up on emails

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Storage for Everyone

Low pull out storage for kids and high-rise storage for concealing infrequently used items

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Full-Size Sinks

Increase flexibility for meal prep and cleanup

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Eliminate Wasted Space

Added shelves and niches for blended beauty and accessibility

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Eco-Friendly Kitchens

Energy efficient ideas that add up to big energy savings

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Multiple Layout Options

We design floor plans that allow you to achieve all your culinary goals


When you contact Republic West Remodeling for your next kitchen remodel, you can expect:


Free Consultation

Discuss your vision, your needs and desires


Initial Drawing

Create a design around your imagination


3D Rendering

Visualize the remodel for a 100% satisfaction


Detailed Plan

See all project activities and installation costs upfront. Renovation without aggravation


On Budget and On Time Completion

Result: a perfect environment for you

We had a basic idea of what we wanted, but [Republic West Remodeling] was able to give us a much clearer vision. The kitchen for example was much more than we could have initially envisioned. … Overall, the kitchen and fireplace totally exceeds our expectations to this day — the fireplace, the tiling, and everything else turned out wonderfully — we would have never anticipated anything better than this!

- Linda DePew, 5 Stars, Google Reviews