Pocket Offices a Hot Trend in Home Remodeling

Tiny home-based work areas are a growing trend among home remodeling and design. Pocket offices—workspaces that are often incorporated into larger rooms or set up in smaller spaces such as a powder room or even a closet—are becoming increasingly popular.

More and more people are working from home, at least part of the time, and they need a space to focus on their work—but lack the space, budget or desire for a large office. As this article notes, a pocket office can often boost your productivity, even if you do actually have the room for a larger office. (One bonus of a small workspace: it makes it tougher for you to accumulate unwanted clutter.)

The solution: a pocket office, which is often a possible option even in homes with relatively limited space. Don’t think you have the room? A little creative thinking may prompt some possibilities.

Whether you’re envisioning a pocket office or a larger work area as part of a home addition, we can help make your plans a reality.

Jim Weisman (707 Posts)

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