Benefits of a Reputable Phoenix Home Improvement Company – Part 3

In part 2 of this blog post we discussed the importance of choosing a reputable Phoenix home improvement company that truly values your comfort. In this blog post we will discuss the importance of choosing a Phoenix home improvement company that provides both cost certainty and time certainty.


Certainty – There are really two levels of certainty that are so critical to a Phoenix home improvement company’s customers. The first is cost certainty. By that we mean that the customer is completely aware of a project’s realistic cost before they are asked to sign a contract with the remodeling company. When we talk about certainty of cost, we are talking about what a project ends up costing at a projects completion, not just at a projects signing. Cost can change during execution but with a reputable home improvement company it will only occur if a dramatic previous unknown presents itself, which is very rare. The only other way cost will change during construction is if the customer chooses to change the scope of work.


The second level of certainty is time certainty. It should be the vision of a Phoenix home improvement company that if pre-construction planning lays out a project that should be executed in 6 weeks, that everything is done that is humanly possible to get as close to that time frame as the company can. Remodeling, in the best of circumstances, is emotionally exhausting for a family and a reputable home improvement company wishes to be part of the solution to that, not part of the problem. It is typical in the remodeling industry that a project a reputable home remodeling company will execute in 6 weeks, would normally be 4 to 6 months within the more standard remodeling business model.


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Jim Weisman (702 Posts)

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