Many People Who Want New Kitchen Procrastinate

A recent survey found that although a lot of people seem to really want new kitchens—and perhaps have even made detailed plans—they often have trouble taking the first step.

The survey by Houzz found that of more than 7,000 people who shared their plans for a kitchen remodeling project, a majority (68 percent) hadn’t actually started working on it yet.

When and if they do get started, the projects will be ambitious and impressive. Among the most popular choices for planned kitchen remodels are tile backsplashes, hardwood flooring and tile floors. High-end appliances are also top on the wish list. In order to fit all of these items in their dream kitchen, many respondents plan to create more space by expanding the existing kitchen area into one or more other rooms.

While the survey didn’t ask the reasons why people haven’t managed to get started on their remodeling projects yet, we’re guessing two of the top reasons are budget concerns and anxiety about the actual remodeling process. At RW Remodeling, we can help solve both problems. We give you a detailed estimate and then make it a priority to ensure the projects sticks to that budget. And we handle the entire process—and any related headaches—for you, making the process as stress-free as possible.

Jim Weisman (702 Posts)

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