Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Ideas – Part 3

This blog post is the third of a 4-part series that will describe how to create a new and improved bathroom.


Cabinets and Storage.  Updating your cabinets goes a long way in transforming your bathroom into a stylish and welcoming space.  The first thing to consider is whether you will keep or replace your existing cabinets.  If you keep your cabinets, you’ll have many refacing options. If you’re replacing cabinets, your floor plan with dictate the space and location constraints.


Whatever your choice, make sure your cabinets fulfill their basic function…providing necessary storage.  If you plan to store additional items in your new bathroom, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate cabinet space.


After you decide on your cabinet number and placement, you’ll have an unlimited choice of finishes and styles.  At first, this wide assortment appears to be a good thing. But, it can often become overwhelming and add a ton of time to your project.  Most homeowners want to make sure they’ve considered all their options until they realize the possibilities never seem to end!


Fixtures.  Regardless of whether you’re doing a routine upgrade or a major renovation, you’ll find today’s fixture options create a spa-inspired bathroom.  Homeowners are looking at incorporating soothing features like multiple head showers, large, walk-in showers, water features, glass tiles, Jacuzzi tubs and more.


Gone are the days when fixtures were simply utilitarian.  Now, they serve a function and provide elegance.  Vanities, mirrors and lighting features look more like upscale furniture.  Sinks have evolved to beautiful vessels with elegant faucets.



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